Great News ! But the Canadian Gov’t Should Be Ashamed

Whistleblower and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will NOT be extradited to the US as Judge Vanessa Baraitser handed down her decision Monday morning at the Old Bailey in London.

Her decision was primarily based on Julian’s deteriorating mental health conditions and that although she suggested that he would get a fair trial in the US, his near to total isolation in the American Detention/Prison system would do as much harm and that a chance for his suicide could not be guaranteed. In her address, she also said that Julian’s freedom of speech rights still doesn’t give him “unfettered discretion by Mr. Assange to decide what he’s going to publish”.

To say the least; this decision was shocking to his supporters, family, legal team, and me. Reading this news this morning was akin to walking out to the Christmas tree on the 25th of December as a child and finding that shiny red bicycle you didn’t think your Mom could afford sitting there.

Jubilant Supporters Celebrating

Although, this is great news; there are still hurdles to be lept over and some things to think about. From what I have researched this morning so far is that the Judge primarily did not refuse to extradite him based on the merit of the case at hand brought by the American legal team, but more based on his mental health state and the effect it would have on his family.

The American team will most certainly appeal and if they do it is also a matter of whether Julian will get bail. If bail is granted he will most certainly be detained to the UK under heavy supervision while this case drags on. With his mental health state most certainly to improve if by being granted bail if the appeal goes forward, I am uncertain as to whether his next trial will have as happy an ending as we have seen this morning.

I urge Donald Trump to finally pardon Mr. Assange before he leaves office and cut the shackles off this mans ankles once and for all.

I am also embarrassed that the Canadian government stood silent during this whole ordeal, but I am not surprised. Chinese citizen Meng Wanzhou (CFO Huawei) has been detained by the way of house arrest  in Vancouver for the last two years at the behest of the American government. Canada has no right to detain foreign citizens based on the allegations of a crime that has not happened in our sovereign country.

It surely is great news this morning and I pray Julian gets bail, he gets a pardon, or that the Appeal gets denied as this man has suffered enough.

Freedom of the press should be maintained just as war crimes should be exposed.

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Ernest Skinner