Former Much Music VJ Erica Ehm, Chats Up Blackie Lawless, Kurt Cobain, and Moi !!

Well, well, well; It’s interesting how the Gods work. I have been trying to interview former Much Music VJ Erica Ehm for quite a while and was having no success. Erica is a very busy woman and although I had emailed her a few times; I didn’t receive a response. Now to be fair, I could have sent the email to the wrong department in her company, the emails could have gone to spam, or Erica could have been busy and overlooked them.

It’s all good though because the end result is that I did finally get that interview via a third party; Eric Alper.

This past Tuesday; the famed publicist guru based out of Southern Ontario sent me an email titled Outta the Books. At first, I didn’t really pay much attention but as I glossed over it, I noticed the name, Erica Ehm !!

I scrolled down a bit further and low and behold “Erica Ehm is available for interviews” I almost spit out my coffee. I mean, with all due respect Erica was every guy’s 80’s heartthrob and crush. C’mon, guys admit it! Right? 🤣.

I mean seriously she was not hard to look at, and most importantly, she had great stage presence, was highly intelligent, and she was very comfortable in front of the camera. It was fun watching her interview musicians of the time.

When Erica left Much Music, she went on to become a very successful businesswoman and you’ll hear all about it below.

Before diving into her most recent project Outta the Books, I had to ask Erica some questions about when she was in the spotlight.

Enjoy !!!

1) When you think back to your Much Music days; what stands out in regards to emotions and lifelong memories.?

2 ) A lot of the core group went on to be very very successful…Christopher Ward… JD Roberts, Yourself… Terry D Mulligan… what was it about Much Music that groomed these success stories?

3) Do you keep in touch with past Much alumni? Do you have a regular gathering?

4) What band or artists stands out that you were in awe of interviewing or made you a bit nervous to interview?


Go to YouTube and watch one of the best interviews of the late Kurt Cobain via one of Canada’s most famous personalities Erica Ehm. As you heard it was quite the experience and the interview shows the talent of both.



5) What was your fondest memory of working for Much?

6) How many times were you asked out by musicians coming to the set? Is there anyone you would like to name that did?


I literally almost lost my marbles when Erica mentioned Blackie Lawless. Blackie is right down my alley of the talent that I usually interview. I’m coming for you Blackie… because Erica says you are “such a gentleman”; and gentlemen don’t turn down interview requests right? 🤣.

7) For the reader not familiar with what you are doing these days; can you give a brief history lesson on what you have been doing since you left Much?

10) I understand you have been happily married for many years to high-tech marketing, business, and real estate guru Terry Moshenberg who you met on a blind date; do you have children and if so how old are they?

11)  When was the last time you were recognized in public as being Erica Ehm from Much Music? 

12) Give the readers; especially the parents and also the young at heart, a brief synopsis of what Outta the Books is and offers the viewers.

13) What gave you the idea to write Outta the Books? and how did you end up collaborating with Brian Banks and the cast in England?

14) How can people access and observe and watch Outta the Books?

15) What have you been doing to keep yourself sane in this day and age of C19 with all of its restrictions; especially since you are based out of Toronto?

Well there you have it folks ; a little bit of “back in the day” mixed with some fresh new ideas and brand new children and family-themed video series about all of our favorite fairy tales and stories.

Click on Erica’s on the highlighted link  4 the first installment of Outta the Books, Chapter One: A Wicked Competition

Erica wants to say one last thing, and it is directed right at YOU !!



Ernest Skinner