Pour Some Chaga On Me, In the Name of Love !!!

Yes, Chaga ; not sugar… you know Chaga the new Super-food that is in your backyard ; well not everyone’s backyard, but relatively speaking it is available to harvest, produce, and purchase here in the North. Local entrepreneur Cody McElrea got his start a few years harvesting the mushroom for sale across North America and it is on the cusp of being a game changer for healthy living.

Cody operates TruNorth Chaga which is based out of Sault Ste. Marie and his chaga is harvested from the lush Great Lakes – St. Lawrence forest of northern Ontario. Before we delve into TruNorth ; let’s give you some information in case this is new to you.

What is Chaga ?

Chaga is a mushroom that grows primarily on the bark of the birch tree and can be found in northern colder climates such as Canada, northern United States, Russia, Korea, and North Eastern Europe. There are many health benefits from consuming chaga as a tea, coffee, or tincture that can be added to your favorite drink. The great thing about Chaga is that it is virtually tasteless,  so combining  it with coffee for example ; you not only get your morning jolt of caffeine, but you get the health benefits.

What are the health benefits ? 

Scientists and studies have suggested that Chaga with  it’s high antioxidants, is good for strengthening the immune system, it’s properties are known to improve skin complexion, lower cholesterol, fight chronic inflammation, fight certain types of cancer, and current studies are suggesting it may help lower blood pressure. There are too many benefits to name so just take a minute to click on the link https://trunorthchaga.com for more information and how you can get  your new superfood and start feeling better and more energized.

In regards to TruNorth ; they will be at the new and vibrant Motley Market on Gore St all day Thursday and Friday, November 26/27 with their different packages of chaga products. Cody invites you to drop in for a sample and the product will be available for purchase so you can get on the healthy track. Christmas is just around the corner, and that health nut in your family would be thrilled to receive some energy from God’s green forests.

Since you’re going to be at the Market ; take a look around at the vintage and cool stuff Dennis (owner/proprietor) has for sale.  Click on the picture below and take a look around.

2020 - Chaga
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There is coffee shop at the back of the market and you can grab some grub as well. Check us out https://www.facebook.com/motleymarketssm  and we will see you soon. Please Share.

Ernest Skinner