Soo Boy Turned Rock Legend & his Band to Play Toronto’s Historic El Mocambo Lounge this Saturday

Yup, it’s true ; legendary singer, songwriter, and guitarist Carl Dixon and the rest of Coney Hatch are reuniting at the El Mocambo Lounge this Saturday for the first time since 1983. It took 37 years to reach an agreement for this follow up show, but that’s show business.

Actually Carl told me we were supposed to be playing the grand reopening (new ownership) of the venue back in April, but well Covid hit and that was that.

I had heard a rumor that Carl had lived in the Soo previously, and the results came back positive. I see you have a 705 area code, where are you located ?  he asked. Sault Ste Marie is my home town !! came through the horn after my reply.

Yes, Carl lived in Manitou Park until he was 11, when his Father decided to move the family around a bit. He said he has great memories of the Soo as this is where he took his first guitar and piano lessons.

Back on track ; the show will be live at the venue but with limited capacity and social distancing rules strictly in effect, however it can also be watched online as a pay per view.

The set is going to consist of 70 minutes of the bands and fans favorite songs and the night will begin with a pre show interview with Metal Tim Henderson of Bravewords.

In recent years Coney Hatch have been busy playing gigs everywhere, including Europe, and even did a mini tour with  Iron Maidens Steve Harris’s side band British Lion. If all goes well, the new year may bring a Lion/Hatch tour from Toronto to the West coast as per Steve.

Carl Dixon (vocal/guitar), Sean Kelly (guitar), Andy Curran (bass) and Dave Ketchum (drums) are tuning and tightening up as we speak.

To check out the show, go to and get on board the Devils Deck. Carl tells me that you just have to be patient as he did a trial run and the site has it’s oddities and there are a few steps and hoops to jump through. He assures me you don’t have to pay to have an account but you do initially have to open one.

It’s gonna be a great show !!!




**also this Saturday, local painter Ron Marks will be showcasing and selling his works at the coolest new venue on Gore St in SSM……the MotleY MarkeT. For more information, please contact the venue at (705) 910-0345**





Ernest Skinner