Johnnie Dee and His Company R Having a Suite Time On The Canadian Charts

B 4 you go any further, click here to find out what the Modern Day Cowboy has to say.

Yes, sir ; Johnnie Dee and Honeymoon Suite are enjoying success once again as their debut release of Find What You’re Looking For is currently at 23 on the Canadian charts and climbing. It’s  been about 2 decades since they have enjoyed this kind of success. The album is pretty much completed but it was interrupted due to C19.

Instead of completing the rest of the album via email exchanges and clips, the boys are going to wait it out and return to England to finish the project with sought after producer Mike Krompass. The way Johnnie describes it when I suggested that they can finish the album via social media; you got me (laughter), this is definitely gonna age me. I am so old school… and I am not going to go into another studio and send my vocal track half way around the world. I am a face to face kind of guy and I’m not going to do my vocals unless I am sitting in the same room with my producer.



This tune is so amazing that it didn’t even have lyrics (until Sept 3) or a video. The way Johnnie found out how high it was charting was I was at home and it was like (someone on social media said) Hey Johnnie you guys just charted. I mean these are the kinds of things you wish for but you don’t expect it at this point. We have been put into that classic rock station category. They play our stuff (New Girl Now, Burning In Love, Feel It Again, Wave Babies etc), but they don’t play our new stuff.

I asked JD who was his musical (singer) influence that made him want to decide to make music his life and career. Oh man, I grew up liking melodic keyboard oriented music and singers from Greg Lake, Lou Gramm, Roger Waters and guys like that. The funny thing is that originally I didn’t want to be a singer, I wanted to be a guitar player. Once I got in front of the mic, people started hearing me and were saying …hey Johnnie, you’ve got something. I can play rhythm and lead as well, but there is a lot of respect between Derry Grehan (H Suite lead Guitar) and I; and he’s the guitar player and I am the singer.

How high can this track can go with only the music and lyrics behind it ? Who knows …. but it is still skyrocketing the charts across Canada. I explained that crappy songs back in the 80’s topped the charts because of great producers and shocking videos. I made sure JD knew I wasn’t referring to their newest song 🤣. Yeah, we are talking about that right now, you know putting some faces via sending in files to a producer to edit it and I am sure it couldn’t hurt ; it would add another medium to this great song, but whether it goes up from 23 or down, that’s life and that’s what we are about ; we always seem to stay current.

Johnnie has confirmed (indirectly) that if the momentum of this song continues and when the album comes out, if everyone stays healthy, there will be Canadian dates and he also confirmed they have always had a huge fan base in the UK. Right now, this song is really doing well there and all the radio stations that the new track has been sent to have been playing it.

I have to say it was a huge pleasure talking to Johnnie; he promised to look up the title of the article and bring it up in conversation with guitarist Derry Grehan. Johnnie had no idea that the band Tesla mentions him in Modern Day Cowboy……well his name  name is mentioned.

Johnnie was a super guy to talk to even if he does drink Tim Horton’s coffee….half cream… half sugar. Hey, pobody’s nerfect right ? 🤣☕.

Honeymoon Suite are Johnnie Dee (lead vocals/guitar), Derry Grehan (lead guitar) Gary Lalonde (bass), Dave Betts (drums), Peter Nunn (keyboards) and hopefully sooner than later this album can be completed and we can see them here in SSM.










Ernest Skinner