OHL Better Be Looking Into a TV Deal

Listen folks, the announcement yesterday of plans to resume junior hockey on Dec 1 is not really anything to be cheering and clapping about. I am not sure if we are even allowed to clap these days….singing and dancing are a no no because of George Orwell’s C1984….well…blah blah blah….you know what I mean.

Anywhoo, as much as I long for the Hounds to be let loose and chase the prize, I have to give my honest opinion. I think the delay sucks ! Of course, I am not a doctor or scientist…..of course every life is important……but I was really looking forward to paying the balance off on my season tickets and getting my hockey game face on.

With deaths due to this complicated virus at standstill generally speaking, and due to the fact that scores of doctors around the world are questioning the lockdown and its’ effectiveness, I was almost certain in my very opinionated (at times) thick skull that cooler heads would prevail and hockey would be just around the corner.

But it’s not ; and the reason has to do with just a handful of people in charge (medical community officials) and their opinions, recommendations, and quite frankly, the fact that they are in one huge pickle of a dilemma. Make the wrong call ; icing, offside, or 2 early resumption of play and ….yup…..if it gets reviewed and deaths directly from C19 start climbing….they are are in the penalty box for a life sentence. No I am not making light of C19 ; I am actually understanding, the difficult position they are in.

At the end of today……junior hockey will not resume until just before Christmas and in the meantime, things are going to get worse for You and I, our local businesses that rely on the Hounds to get them by financially, and even the Hounds organization itself.

Without going in to the obvious reasons why the local businesses will keep suffering with the delay, I am thinking that the junior hockey governors and ownership’s across the country are doing everything they can to come up  with a Television package via TSN, Rogers or whoever.

When hockey resumes and only partial attendance is allowed….(as the leaders of the state have carved into our minds the fact that we are not safe if we are in close proximity to each other), there needs to be a plan in place to garner revenue. Television spot Ads will be the ticket…..2 go along with the few sold at the gate.

Radio Ads are sold for those not able to attend the games for reasons of mobility, location etc, as they listen to Gerry and Spanky paint the picture. It seems to work, as it has been standard fare since the days of Harry Wolfe. Why not TV ?

Of course, the difference is that NHL players are paid………………but……….they still sell radio and advertisement spots…sooooo……what’s the difference? There isn’t any.

This is just my opinion, and we are in the most unique of situations ever in the history of mankind.

Getting back on track. People are starved for hockey and entertainment, but the fear blasted daily by the media will stop even some of the biggest Hounds fans from venturing out to witness. Seniors are going to be the ones to be very conservative in their approach to large gatherings.  On the younger side, things will play out poorly, but for different reasons. With the devastating affect of unemployment, die hard fans will chose food and rent over a ticket to watch the boys play.

These scenarios are not speculation but fact. If the OHL announces the Hounds win the bid for the Memorial Cup ; of course every available ticket will be sold….out of towners and family members of players will pick up the slack.Now, if Oshawa gets the green-light, you will see many empty seats at the GFL and not just the ones that are partitioned off.

Watching hockey live is obviously the best package available ; you get to see friends, fellow die hard fans, walk around and get exercise, and contribute to the local economy (game day restaurant specials), but going the TV route isn’t that bad when economics play into your wallet.

I recently watched a game on TV with no fans at all and it was amazing !!!…….I took $10 from my buddy Brad as the Leafs beat Columbus 3-0. I might use that money and go to DQ and buy a Diet Oreo Blizzard 🤣. Inside joke , Inside joke.

Instead of rambling, I will leave things be and let the above sink it. I figure there will be Junior hockey on the Big Screen this year and not just via Neulion.


Go Hounds Go













Ernest Skinner