Bill Leverty says the Devil from the U.P. is a Remarkably Talented Guy

Yes, the devil does play guitar and of course the violin ; contrary to local legend, he does not always call Georgia his home. Nashville, Hell, and even tiny little Sault Ste. Marie Michigan have been locations that he has worked his sinister craft.

Of course I am not being literal, but the devil comes out when Jason Mapes plays guitar and BL, the Firehouse legendary guitarist confirmed as so much during a chat I had with him a couple of days ago. I’ve known Jason for many years and he’s a remarkably talented guy. I met him first down in the Soo. He asked me to play on his album and I was thrilled. I played a solo on his track Same Old Samefeat.

Mapes has continually worked the clubs and music scene in the Nashville area and is garnering a reputation as someone to be reckoned with. Also contributing on The Devil Plays Guitar are, Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy/Whitesnake/Guess Who etc), Bryan Vollmer (Helix), Jeff Neil (Streetheart), and Stacy Mitchhart  (Blues/Jazz Legend). You don’t get names like that just because….you get them because they respect you as a musician and want to be a part of something special. Think about it ; a good friend may love you to death…..but to allow his name to be put on junk would ruin his name and reputation…..

Need I say more ? Mapes is the real deal and find out for yourself by going to his underground lair @

Now onto Mr Leverty, the guy responsible for such Firehouse classics as Don’t Treat Me Bad, Love of a Lifetime, and All She Wrote. Bill has been adding to his extensive solo projects since C19 interrupted life as we know it . 

Divided We Fall (appropriately titled) was the last song to be recorded on his most recent solo album of the same name. Great tune and as I said very current via the title. 

During this time off due to the current world situation with the Corona-virus, I had time to complete my fifth solo album. I had nine songs and the tenth was Divided We Fall which was written with the thought of unity and that we need to come together not only as a country, but as small groups individually, otherwise we will not succeed and thus fall. We need to find common ground and work together.

In regards to what Bill has been doing in other realms, he mentioned that I’ve obviously enjoyed spending more time with my family, and I have become better at mixing and recording. I have helped out with other bands and projects and that’s been an upside. The down side of course is that we miss playing for our fans in Canada and here in the States, but hopefully things will turn around sooner than later and we can do more touring.

Favorite Canadian talent? Oh man, there is so much…I mean I grew up with BTO and Randy Bachman …wow….the playing and song writing on Not Fragile was excellent…I mean Rik Emmett is a force…Just A Game was such a great Triumph album, …where do you stop……I mean Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane, APRIL WINE and the list keeps going on. But one of my favorite hard rock melodic bands of all time is the Killer Dwarfs….Dirty Weapons was a masterpiece and today…..if I were to go see a Canadian rock band, that would be my choice.

When I asked Bill if he remembered me and the gig Firehouse played with Dokken in the Canadian Soo a couple years ago….yeah I sure do….that was a great gig and the Canadian people were so cool.

Coffee or Tea ? I drink coffee in the am and green tea in the afternoon….apparently it’s healthy for you (laughter)

The picture attached was a shocker to me when he sent it for my new shtick….Bill looks great and very healthy, but not like he did a couple of years ago when I saw him in person last. Ha Ha …we all have a few greys and that’s why the Rocket sold Grecian Formula for men…………….”hey Rocket….2 minutes 4 looking so good !”

Before I forget, Bill Leverty is one smart American as he loves hockey…I think I read previously that he said it was the best sport in the world. I forgot to confirm that with him, but he did says his favorite team was the  Red Wings, but I also like the Capitals as it’s near where I live here in Virginia. 


Thanks for reading and please Share…………..interviews in the works (not confirmed, but in the dialogue stage) are with David Coverdale, and Simpsons writer and Spinal Tap bass player Harry Shearer.



Ernest Skinner

Ernest Skinner