It’s A Huge Guessing Game… So Let’s Assume Everyone Is Sick

Basically these are my thoughts on the situation we find ourselves in today.
Many wear face masks to get groceries, to buy camping supplies, to chat with friends in the garage or boardwalk, and some wear them every time they are within visual of another human being.
Headlines after headlines, virologists after virologists, experts after experts, around the clock every day will suggest that you are safe from contracting this pandemic disease if you just cover your mouth and nose with some sort of cloth or material.
On the other hand, you have many people who will challenge this narrative, not only in a civil rights motion, but they have just as many Harvard type educated experts and headlines that suggest their studies conclude that the droplets can’t travel more than a few inches and thus the mask is an inconvenience and even a hazard for those with breathing problems to begin with.
Just yesterday, there was another study that came out and it suggests and concludes via 239 doctors and scientists from 32 countries around the world, that the virus is airborne and not transmitted via droplets and contact routes? This is opposite of the what the World Health Organization has been saying. They have revised or did an all out U TURN on many aspects of the virus since the beginning.
One thing is 100% certain… It’s a huge guessing game.
Moving on. Councilor Matthew Shoemaker has suggested the city look into opening the  Canadian border with our sister city in Sault Michigan. Certain social media outlets that have reported this have led to comments of a very negative nature against this proposal. There could be many reasons for this, including the particular forum and its’ readership, or the fact that it’s easier to idle when you are pro rather than against. 
Now, I believe the young lad isn’t the next coming of Christ, but he sure is brave for taking this stance and I stand behind him. 
We have had no sickness to my knowledge of the C19/SARS related virus and I do believe the Michigan Soo is also very healthy with only about 12 or so cases in Chippewa County; no deaths. A combined population of about 100,000 and not one death or sickness requiring hospitalization to my knowledge in 4 months. Those numbers don’t lie.
Yes we have also had some “cases” but that means diddly. It just means that they had the virus and after being told to go home for a couple of weeks and rest; well they are now healthy and back among us. 
I see the headlines of 10’s of thousands of Americas testing positive and I can see that putting fear into some people; especially the elderly and susceptible. I would like to just say that there is more testing done in the last month or so and it  is no surprise the backlog of tests are coming out.
If the gov’t released to the media last year of people who tested positive for the common cold, Coronavirus 18 or SARS a few years ago, and fed it to the media; you would have similar numbers and possibly the same hysteria.
Is it not odd, that for months, the headlines were about the deaths the previous day from the virus and for the last three weeks or so, the headlines are generally about new cases?
The death rates are low and mortality rate is minuscule according to many government agencies.
Anyway, since day 1 of the lock-down with our American friends; there still has been 100’s of people traveling to and fro across the border for essential services. They may travel to the furthest part of the States and back. In doing so they would be interacting with possibly dozens of people; there is not an accurate number as all situations are different. 
With the lethality of the disease, being what it is supposed to be; why aren’t we seeing deaths in Algoma? Surely, people from Southern Ontario’s millions of people have been to the Soo or through for some reason or not. There has not been a military blockade so that is another thing to ponder. Are we just that lucky? Really?
We here in the Soo have a hard enough time convincing Americans to visit our community as it is. Do you thing they are going to speed across the country to go to the Soo if the border is open? For what?
There is no Agawa Canyon train this year, our stores are mostly closed, you have to eat outside, and most importantly, they have millions of people without work and income. I also doubt that our friends from Chicago are going to come up to take a tour of are newly opened SSM Museum.
We will not see a border lined up with happy Americans for a long time. The opening of the border is needed to sustain the fragile economies of our suffering communities. 
I hope we get some leadership in this realm and start thinking outside the box. Shoemaker reminds me of the late John Roswell; he is smart and bold and doesn’t worry about blow-back if his suggestions are not popular.
** This just in; Matthew Shoemaker has clarified that he doesn’t think the border should open until it is safe. I can’t for the life of me understand why he back pedaled on his earlier suggestion and inference, but well; he is just like you and I; human, with a right to our opinions and comments…..and even to revise them.**
Sault Ste Marie, we need to get our act 2gether in many ways. CERB for many Saulites will end very soon. When they say no more money, find a job, we as a community are going to find out the jobs are not there anymore.
Businesses are closing left right and center and the ones that are struggling to stay open are only able to employ a smaller number as per capacity rules.
I love living in the Soo, I love the mall town vibe, and I also like the potential we have. I do not take the situation we are in lightly. These are my thoughts and opinions. Respect my right to them and I will respect yours.
For those that do not agree with my comments; a sincere… agree to disagree is in order.
Ernest Skinner Jr.
Ernest Skinner