Brighton Rocks Greg Fraser Meets Former Dead Daisy and Motley Crue Singer John Corabi…

…in this article so to speak. I should have asked Crabs today but I didn’t think of it. I am sure that that these two titans of rock have probably crossed paths at a festival or Monsters of Rock Cruise at some point. Anyway, we’ll get into my chat with John later ; the focus right now is on Toronto Music Awards winner as best new rising guitarist of 1988 (beating out Jeff Healey) and  current Brighton Rocker and Storm Forcer…….the one the only GREG “FrAzE” FRASER !

I owe Greg an public apology as I lost track and had scheduled to interview him many months ago and life got in the way and I totally dropped the ball. And then yesterday I literally lost his part of the interview I had written that was supposed be combined with former Helix guitarist Brent Doerner.

So, before we get started please click on the link below and check out the kick ass tune underneath to get your groove on. Then, and only then may you proceed ; but do so at your own caution 😎.

So are ya warmed up yet? That track is solid and so is Storm Force via Greg, Mike Berardelli (bass), Brian Hamilton (drums) and Patrick Gagliardi on vocals.

If you have been living under a rock, I guess I will be diplomatic and let you know that Fraze is best knows for being in Brighton Rock who are responsible for such great hits like Hangin’ High n’ Dry, Can’t Wait for the Night, We Came to Rock and many many more.

I asked Greg to describe the sound of Storm Force to those that are coordination-ally challenged and can’t click on the link above 🤣.  ” I guess it would be safe to say we are a melodic riff orientated hard rock sounding band”

As a guitarist I had to ask him were was his influences growing up ; ” first I would have to say Jimmy Page as he was the one that really got me to want to play guitar, and then Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck and as I got older you know, Michael Schenker…Eddie VH, and then of course Adrian Vandenberg” Greg must read my column as everyone knows I am a huge Vandenberg fan.

As we all know, making it in the industry… especially in Canada can be a tough gig financially so I asked Greg if he has a day job etc to help pay the bills in this day of pirating music etc. ” well, I am definitely not a full time musician anymore, so I do whatever I have to do whether it’s teaching guitar or playing live shows. I  have a duo with Brighton Rocks bassists Stevie Skreebes and we play shows together….so yeah, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling.”

When I asked him for advice that he would give to my readers that may be young gaffers that want to make it in the music bizz these days, he replied ; ” well you’ve got to surround yourself with guys that are on the same page and that you get along with. You may have a couple of guys that are killer musicians but at the same time they’re a**holes and that’s a huge problem. You know, you travel with these guys, record with these guys, eat with them, and if there is tension it’s going to affect you and then the band breaks up and then you have to start all over again. With Brighton, we had to go through a few guys here and there, but when we found the right combination, it was onward and upward”

In case you were wondering as I was; the name Brighton Rock came about as they were formally called Heart Attack. At that time there was already a band on the same record label with name Heart Attack in their name.

So, according to Greg, the singer had been reading a book called Brighton Rock by Graham Greene and thus… viola!!… Brighton Rock it is.

How did Greg get the nickname Fraze? I’m not sure, I am kicking myself for not asking him. Maybe he was a big Cheers fan 🤣.

Most memorable moments so far in Gregs’ career would have to include ” opening up for Triumph and Boston, selling out venues in California, touring Europe, selling out the Marquee in London England… yeah there are a lot of good memories… “

So there you have it; I feel better now that I have made amends to Greg for the delay in getting this piece out.  You’ll also feel better when you listen to more Brighton Rock and Storm Force. Check out there websites and especially the new Storm Force album Age of Fear which is dynamite!!

** I sent John Corabi of Motley Crue and Dead Daisy fame a text this am looking for a quick phoner in regards to his thoughts on the riots happening South of the border lately. I had seen Crabs post a few things political on social media recently so I just thought I’d reach out. John is a super friendly and down to earth guy and I was not at all surprised when he called me. I had previously interviewed him for another news-site that I had written for previously so I think that had helped jog his memory. Anyway this was his answer to my inquiry. ” yeah dude, things are terrible here right now… I mean people are angry about the jogger that was recently shot, a hundred years of oppression and inequality, and the cop that murdered George Floyd. I get that they are angry but I think the looting is wrong… my wife and I here in Nashville have friends that own bars on the main drag and they are just barely surviving because of the COVID shutdown. Two days before the riots started, they were told they can start things up again and then the riots started… They smashed their windows, stole the booze, looted the PA system and destroyed it in the middle of the street. Things are nuts; I mean I was in the grocery store the other day and this jerk starts giving me the gears for wearing a face-mask… and I’m like thinking… dude, you’d better the **** out of my face or I’m gonna pummel you… hey I didn’t approach you so just get out of my face. It’s toxic, Ernest.”

Since I had him on the line, I had to ask him what happened as he is no longer in the Dead Daisies… which is a dynamite band based out of Australia. ” you know, I’m 60 now and as much as I love to sing and play live; the scheduling was too much and I had to make a decision. I mean, if a guitarist breaks a string… you can just replace it. In my case, I have a wife and family and I have to keep my instrument which is my voice in proper condition and I just felt it was time to take a break.”

So kids there you have it… a bit of Fraze and Crabs on this fine Tuesday in June.

Oh, before I forget… again, as I forgot to mention it to Crabs. I remember a funny little joke or whatever you want to call it from many years ago regarding seafood.

Canadian comedian Howie Mandel was doing stand-up somewhere and in the middle of the banter between him and the audience… got to the point where Howie engaged an audience member and it kind of went like this.

Howie: hey, what’s your name?
Audience Member: me ?   umm my name is Ed
Howie: so what do you do for a living Ed ?
AM: I’m a salesman
HM: what do you sell ?
HM: so do you go door to door and say hi I’m Ed and I’ve got Crabs!!!

Ha ha; please share.

Ernest Skinner