My Wicked Twin & the Helix Connection

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I flipped a coin to see who I would publish first as I interviewed two icons of Canadian rock this past weekend. The Doctor won the coin toss so to speak.

I am speaking of former Helix guitarist Brent Doerner who is known in the circles as “The Doctor” and he has a kick ass band called My Wicked Twin based out of Kitchener, Ontario.

Brent was responsible for writing great songs with Helix such as Billy Oxygen and Christine, which is one of my favorites.

Photo Credit : Scott Burns

I asked the “Doctor” to describe the sound of My Wicked Twin for the 6 people 🤣  in Canada that haven’t heard the band & he said; “we are riff oriented guitar rock. I concentrate on writing engaging lyrics and melodies that are weaved together rather than singing a melody over an existing guitar rhythm. My singing sound has been compared to Joe Walsh”.

If you were wondering about the nickname; “I was nicknamed ‘the doctor’ because Brian V. and Paul Hackman would bring me their rough song ideas – and a lot of the time, I could plainly hear changes. I would suggest chord and vocal changes that seemed obvious to me – ‘doctoring’ the songs” That’s exactly what I thought 😎

MWT have released three albums with their most recent 3 Engines and Brain Dance is one of my favorite cuts on the album. Check it out! When Brent isn’t in the studio making music, he enjoys film and editing and owns Red D Film and Editing as he noticed there was a void of providing bands with this service “at a realistic price”

I asked Brent if he could name just one of the highlights of  his musical career over the years and he responded this way; “The ‘Lick It Up’ tour with Kiss in Europe would be one of them. 33 shows, 13 countries, starting in Lisbon Portugal and ending in Helsinki, Finland. Gene Simmons was constantly clowning around with me. (He wanted to cook me in his pot)😀 ”  

When asked about things related to his Helix career; ” half a football stadium” was his answer to the size of a venue needed to host a Helix alumni gathering. Come to think of it; I believe I am the only one in Ontario who hasn’t played alongside legendary front man Brian Vollmer. I guess I should return his call🤣.

Seriously speaking though; Brent and Brian have always maintained good relations at the times when Brent left Helix for various reasons. He says they remain good friends and usually speak with each other weekly.

Anyway, check out this WicKeD tune.

The article would have been a bit more elaborate but I screwed up and lost half of my stuff and deleted 2 hours of work.🤣😫

Anyway, to check out My Wicked Twin; search em out on Facebook. Give it up for these guys that keep us rocking during this C-19  PlannedEmic.

I will be publishing my interview with Brighton Rock and Storm Forcer Greg Fraser in the next 24 – God Willing 🤣.

Ernest Skinner