Toilets Flush In the Opposite Direction Down Under

… Is actually a myth….I should have confirmed when I recently interviewed legendary Aussie Rocker Gary “Angry” Anderson. Wider news outlets suggest the Coriolis Effect will spin storms and hurricanes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in opposite directions, but it has no effect on the toilet drain. For further proof, check out season sixteen, episode six of the Simpsons.🤣

Well after a few inquiries I received my go ahead to interview the legendary Angry Anderson of the rock band Rose Tattoo. Rockers from the 70’s and 80’s will def know of Tatt if they know anything about Aussie Rock. After all, ACDC isn’t the only show down under.

Rose Tattoo has been very high up on the list of hard rocking Aussie bands that are known worldwide. Aside from Rose Tattoo, Angry has had quite an impressive life as a celebrity of all sorts in the land of the Southern Stars.

Not only is Gary the lead singer RT, he is also a television presenter-reporter and actor. His celebrity status reached such a high level, down under, that in January of 1993, he was made a Member of the Order for Australia for his work as a youth advocate.

Appearing in several television shows, movies, and making music with Rose Tattoo ; to say he is not a busy man would be foolish.

Rose Tattoo, first got noticed worldwide with their song Rock N Roll Outlaw, but they hit bigger success with Suddenly, which is an uncharacteristic ballad.

Anyway, I got Gary to open up about life down under during the C19 Pandemic and what he feels has helped him through the tragedy of losing his son Liam to a vicious murder in 2018 at the hands of his best friend.

How do you keep focused and rocking still after all of these years ?

Q1:  Of course the obvious answer is simply the music but of course the deeper, realer answer is much more complicated than that, is the music first and last but in between there is a lot of other stuff, true sense of worthiness,it helps, immensely, to justify my place in the creation, it is my emotional,spiritual and intellectual out- let, the safety pressure valve that keeps me from exploding or going out and starting an armed revolution against the injustice.

Who were your main influences growing up musically ?

Q2: Firstly it was big band swing with those amazing voices out front, quickly followed by an introduction into the Blues,..the smaller jazz/ Blues combo’s which were usually built around horn players or piano players and then later the man and his guitar, I will never fully recover from the first time hearing the voice and guitar playing of John Lee Hooker, still my favorite to this day, later on it was Eddie Cochran,Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and later the God Father of soul Mr James Brown,..then later my greatest influence was Rod Stewart.

My favorite Rose Tattoo song is probably Southern Stars. It makes me think of your fine country for some reason. Any comments?

Q3:  I’m glad, flattered that it makes you feel that way, every lyric writer wants to write songs that everyone can sing and hopefully identify with on some emotional level, Southern Stars is written about what I think it is to be Australian, it was inspired, of course, with our cultural obsession with the Southern Star formation that is represented on both of our flags, the traditional flag of Australia and the Southern Cross flag that was conceived for and flown over the uprising at the Eureka Stockade when miners and others rose, bearing arms, against the constabulary installed by English rule.

The song is most likely awaking in you your natural instinct to rebel against tyranny and oppression in whatever form you find it, hopefully it calls out your inner rebel, your natural defiance  against all the wrongs being committed against us,..we brothers and sisters!

We have a saying that has sprung from the stand at the Eureka:..’When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty’!

Rock N Roll Outlaws is definitely the song that put you guys on the map internationally ; outside of that song, do you have any favorites that stand out?

Q4:  Scarred For Life…or Can’t be Beaten,…but my all time personal favorite is ‘Once in a Lifetime’, written for the late Pete Wells.

Of all the great musicians you have worked with; is there anyone that stands out for being great musician and a great person?

Q5:  Still living!??..Paul DeMarco, our drummer, who is free after serving six years in jail… hopefully he can be granted visas to tour and then can re-join the band full time.

Where in Australia do you reside ;  and what has been the situation regarding the C 19 Pandemic for you personally? Are you pretty much staying at home, or are you free to travel to a certain extent ? What are your thoughts on the issue, as we don’t know all the facts and it seems there is an underlying tone to how the outbreak occurred. Some say it was from a wet market and many are saying that it was a man-made and manipulated virus that either got out accidentally or intentionally.

Q6:    I live in a coastal area north of the Sydney Harbour referred to as the Northern Beaches,..Manly beach is our most famous beach over this side and I’m in a beachside suburb called Beacon Hill, my local beach is called Curl Curl, it is famous for being a great beach for surfing.

We are all staying at home these days because of this ‘virus’, the virus is real but it’s origin or cause may never be known, personally I think it is a farcical charade to herald in the New World Order; but then  again I’ve always been suspicious of the authoritarian state and its immorality. They are capable of any crime!

Do you have a favorite Canadian band and do you have plans to tour Canada at some point. We know the US tour is on hold currently due to C19.

Q7:  :  ‘The Wild’. In recent times, they have toured with us a couple of times through Europe and we have become great mates, they are not only a great bunch of blokes but a truly great rock band, “the spirit is alive in this one”.

Canada is definitely on the list for future touring, I have great memories of being there all those years ago, I don’t suppose I’ll run into ‘her’ again but the memory of her is vivid as are the memories of how the audiences welcomed and supported us, I still get messages from those that have kept the faith all these years, are appreciated, loved and will never will be forgotten!

Favorite Aussie band right now and favourite album growing up.

Q8:    ‘Airbourne’ Great bunch of blokes, great band! Also watch out for ‘The Hots’ based in L.A. .. guitarist and singer both Aussies. My favorite album growing up would have to be Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

You are media celebrity and adored by many ; how do you maintain being humble and what advice would you give upcoming kids with star potential.

Q9 My upbringing at the hands of a devout Christian woman helped mold me as much as all the shitty stuff that I went through as a child then later as a teenager,..which translates into my belief and acceptance that nothing in life is an accident nor is anything, we live wasted; and every experience has meaning whether.. you see it as good or bad. One important lesson she taught me, through example, is that we are here to serve one another in any way we can.

My advice to my children has always been to find out, as early as possible, who you see yourself as, find your spiritual self and develop your spiritual beliefs, this will help you develop the skills needed to enjoy and endure the experience of ‘living’ as well as helping you to develop your own set of morals, a life without spiritual awareness is only half a life. I believe that much of what is going wrong in our world today is because of moral decay, people are ‘losing’ their way, they are losing the gift of being in tune, in harmony with their personal spiritual being and therefore being out of tune with all creation. Because until you accept that we are all ‘connected’ to all things you have not yet begun to truly live.

Can you describe how losing your young son in 2018 in a cold blooded murder has helped change in you and the way you look at life. What advice would you give a grieving parent to help cope with losing a son or daughter in such a tragic way.

Losing my youngest child, my youngest son, has tested my faith in all that I believe in, in all that I am and even though I have not yet processed it all yet my beliefs are holding me upright as I grieve,.. we, as a family, are stronger within ourselves individually and as importantly, as a family.

Gary and Liam

It has shown me that life will teach us, if we allow it, until our last breaths are taken and the wonderment is revealed; a truly wonderfully wise saying is.. “ you’re gonna be happy” said Life, ”but first I will make you strong”, which is why I sign my autograph with the words “stay young, grow strong”…so brothers and sisters my advice to you all is “stay young ‘n’ cool, be brave ‘n’ true and all the best in life will come to you” …together, forever.


Thanks Gary for your inspirational words and outlook on life. See you in North American when things settle down.

Ernest Skinner