The Soo Greyhounds and SSM to Host the Memorial Cup ??

….would be the absolute best news for the said city post-C19 lock-down and its’ devastating economic and social repercussions to this working-class town. We will have to keep our fingers crossed on this for now.

There hasn’t been much good news for the best part of the last 2 months, but I do see light at the end of the tunnel and although we will soon be given the right to go back to work; there will be much to think about and the lingering effects of this worldwide catastrophe will be felt for the next decade and more on some levels.

Some things to think about will be the social ramifications for the future. Will it be commonplace for many to keep wearing masks and sanitizing everything? How will that work? For instance, I don’t know how the law will be able to work this one out; walking into a gas station at 2 am or a 24-hour grocery store will have its’ hands full in determining what the protocol will be if some customers want to enter with their face covered. Are store-owners and companies going to want to have security at the door 24 hours? This costs money.

Social Distancing is another issue that has social and vast consequences economically.  If 6 ft is the answer (which changes on a daily basis) to catching viruses and germs, I am sure many businesses will suffer and fail, and online shopping will continue to decimate the small business owner. Having said that; how is it going to work in the event of …hmm, let’s say our beloved Soo Greyhounds and the hockey arena. People sit literally inches from the next persons butt and facial cheeks. Is there going to be a mandatory wearing of face masks to ensure safety or are the arenas of the future going to have partitions built between the seats like they have at grocery stores to protect-the worker and customer? Of course, I am not being 100 percent serious, but there will be definite changes in the way we interact. On another note, I am begging Lake Superior State University to include in their annual banning of words and phrases…………”social distancing” 🤣.

The great news of sorts is that our governments, (whether you are Liberal, NDP, or Conservative), worked together during this unprecedented time and ensured that Canadians would not starve or be left behind if they were in the low-income bracket.

The bad news is that we will be paying for this with increased taxes coming out of our ying yangs for the next decade.

Anyway, I see us going back to work in phases, much like the Americans have recently introduced. Having said that, when Trump announces he would like to open the borders to Canada; I’ll bet my last penny that Trudeau will agree to the exact date. It is unfortunate, but it is a fact that American policy influences Canadian policy to a very large extent.

All in all, I see light and I see June 1st, if not sooner as a settled upon date for most businesses to be reopened. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this and although I disagree with quite a few of the steps involved to “keep us safe”, it could have been worse; this could have happened in the dead of winter.

We still do not know how this extreme strain of the novel coronavirus came to be, we do not know which actor is involved, and we do not know if the Soo Greyhounds will succeed in their upcoming bid to host the Memorial Cup in SSM in 2021.

Having said that, one thing I have a strong opinion of is this ; this lock-down and devastating economic hardship that we will see for a very very long time,………..had nothing to do with Bat Soup.

World leaders, scientists, and doctors are now coming to that conclusion. The narrative for the wet market theory that was set and pushed by the mass media… is now being pushed back. Thank God, questions are being asked.








Ernest Skinner