Take Your Pick ; Pneumonia or C 19

That is about the size of it and some things need to change as we adapt to our current surroundings. I have a few humble suggestions to our leaders and officials in charge of what we can do, and where we can assemble.

For instance, as per yesterday and the ramping up for groceries for the Easter weekend, I noticed that the system in place of us queuing for groceries around the city has its’ flaws and things need to be done a bit differently. Of course, I vehemently disagree with the quarantine for the most part, but that is my right and it is your right to disagree with me.

For instance, I waited at Food Basics (Trunk Road) outside in the freezing cold wind, rain and snow for about 75 minutes along with about another 50 people ; young, old, healthy, and sick, who had no choice but to get food and necessities. It was miserably uncomfortable as we waited and prayed for that moment when the line would move and we could inch our way closer to the entrance to finally be given the green-light to go inside and get our things. By the time we got inside, the thought of buying groceries was secondary to just getting warm again.

I have a few suggestions and I hope you share this piece and the decision makers will adjust. I would suggest that wherever possible, whether it is the Market Square Mall, Churchill Plaza, or Wellington Square Mall, that these doors be open so we can wait inside for as long as possible in the warmth and shelter until we have the privilege of getting our things.  At times like this, the government can order private businesses to adhere to suggestions like this. Waiting in the cold and rain and wind is something that can be avoided and wouldn’t it be sad to have people admitted to the hospital because of a bad cold turning into pneumonia as per the conditions mentioned above ?

In other arenas, that don’t have access to a building, a tarpaulin wall could be made to shelter us from the elements. They do it all the time for construction sites and it is very inexpensive. This would make quite a bit of sense.

How about a system where people take numbers like they do at the hospital and then wait in their cars and either have an app on their phone signal when it is their turn to enter. I know everyone does not have a car, but it is something to think about. The people without vehicles could be housed in buses (wearing face-masks) while waiting to get food and supplies. I know everyone does not have a phone either ; so a digital sign could be placed in a few locations and when your number is up, you have a few minutes to get your butt up and get to the entrance. I am sure, people will be sure not to miss their time. A loudspeaker could also used to give you the heads up that you are the chosen one.

Hey, there is no perfect system right now, but little by little we can improve it.

For the life of me the system is very flawed ; they ask us to stand six feet from one another, and when you get in the store which is virtually empty, you walk by other people within feet or they do the same to you. I have seen workers actually walk directly in front of me to tell the person behind me to back up a few more feet. It just is hard to fathom how this is all happening.

Unless something happens very shortly, things or going to go Van Halen ; there is going to be an Eruption as people can only take so much. People have been losing their patience and in one case a security guard in Quebec was run over by an angry and obviously unstable person who was told he couldn’t go in the store with his wife. This security guard is in the hospital right now fighting for his life. I have been told by common friends that people are not being civil while waiting in line, as per smoking cigarettes within feet of others that have to breath in the carcinogens that are blowing in their face. I understand the smokers have their rights as well.

I will say a couple more things, as I don’t want to get too wound up, but in respect to seniors, I think there should be an hour three times a day for them to shop or even a three hour window early in the morning. Seniors all don’t run on the same schedule as they are no different than you or I.

Lastly, I would propose, that grocery stores be open 24 hours on certain days of the week as to alleviate congestion and queuing for our bread and water. I understand people working in the said essential establishments don’t want to work 50 hours a week and who could blame them. They need their rest and relaxation as we are experiencing a devastating period in history. Employers need to hire more in this case and up the pay for these workers, and the government needs to step in and supplement the pay where the employer is to greedy to do the noble thing.

We all need to work together and these are just my two cents. I am praying for this sh*tshow to come to an end soon and we can get back to some kind of comfort and stability while having learnt a valuable lesson about compassion for others.









Ernest Skinner

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  1. Buncha bullshit.