It’s A Real Shi*Show Out There, But We Will Get Through It !

Below are my personal thoughts and opinions, and do not reflect Wawa News in any way.

Hey Guys, it’s been a while since I have penned anything; my world has been turned completely upside down as yours has. Never in my 49 years have I witnessed anything like this world global shutdown and segregation. The only other situation I found myself helpless in was the blackout about a decade ago. No lights or power for a day and a half was interesting and as soon as the power came back on, we quickly forgot about it.

This situation has many undertones, and it has brought out the worst in many people from hoarding to even shaming people that have the flu bug. Recently in SSM, some idiot posted on social media the address of someone who had tested positive for C19. C19 is influenza… a flu bug… and 99.99 percent of healthy people fight it and recover after it’s shelf life is over. Even though it is easier to pass on and hits harder to the immune systems of the challenged, it’s still not reason to to shame someone. To that individual and all the people that shared that thread… SHAME on you !!!

We do not know exactly how and where this stronger version of the flu started; we probably will never know.  The massive outbreak did indeed happen in Wuhan, China, but if this strain is as contagious as it seems and spreads around the world like wildfire, there is a possibility that any foreigner that visited Wuhan could have had it and brought it there purposely or unwittingly. I am just saying to some don’t vilify the Chinese.

Another frustrating aspect of all of this; is that every other doctor or scientist is an expert all of a sudden and they contradict each other and themselves. First, the virus has an incubation time of 5 days, then 10, now 14, etc.

I recently saw something, that blew me away. Apparently, an MIT expert (haha), posted that a cough can travel up to 27 feet and this was posted on FB, and many sheep reposted this nonsense. This only adds to the hysteria. Unless you are coughing in front of a Boeing jet engine all throttled up, I am sure your cough will not reach the victim 27 feet away. If you believe I am wrong and it is true; please make sure you order take out from now on and wear a bio hazard suit when you venture out

Personally, I don’t buy the wet market version of this narrative as the origin of the virus. I have a feeling man has his hands in this, whether they are Chinese, American, or some other actor. Before C19 was front page, there were hints that something was not right. Labs that experiment on viruses such as the Coronovirus and other biological agents (Ebola, etc) were shut down for reasons concerning security. One such lab was Fort Detrick in Maryland, USA.  About eight months ago during a routine visit by the Center for Disease Control, it was noted that there was a failure to “implement and maintain containment procedures sufficient to contain select agents or toxins”. Fort Detrick after being closed since then, has just recently opened back up.

Coincidentally or not; at the same time as the Fort Detrick closure, a Canadian government scientist, Xiangguo Qiu,  and some of her Chinese students were expelled from Canada’s only Bio 4 Level Lab in Winnipeg, according to the CBC. This scientist made regular trips to Wuhan to train and work with Chinese scientists in their only Bio 4 Level lab which, conveniently is in Wuhan, China. Hmmmmm…

I cannot control how the pandemic started but I can write about it and it’s repercussions. It is unfortunate, but during this time of social isolation, it is of my opinion that suicide rates will go up, domestic abuse will be on the rise, depression will get more severe for some, and people will cope by getting heavier into their addictions, etc.

Man is meant to be social and interact with others. We are not comfortable with being told where we can go, what we can do, and who we can socialize with. I will, however follow the rules, but I don’t like some of them. For instance, everyone seems to have jumped on the latex glove hysteria which I find ridiculous. Unless you have a open wound on your hand, gloving it will not help contain the virus and germs. C19 is transmitted through the mouth and nasal passages. The glove will acquire the virus just as your hand would, and everything your gloved hand touches will  also pass on the virus. The only difference is that you wasted latex gloves and time. The bottom line is… DON’T put your hands to your face and frequently wash your hands. Case closed.

Anyway, there has to be some positives and there are. This time is a reset for some including myself. I have learned to be comfortable in isolation, I have regained a love for peace and quiet, my senses for nature have increased, and I have done things that were on my bucket list. For instance, I have started reading fiction for pleasure (normally I read the heavy stuff as I am sure you know). I have started to exercise more, I have had more contact with my family, and I have found pleasure in just… being in the now. Oh yeah, and I’ve overcome my licking door handles addiction that I have had for many years (heavy sarcasm). 🤣

As all things, this too shall pass; the only thing is that when it does, our lives will be radically different. There are discussions about things like microchip implants (to track people who are tested and vaccinated)  and mandatory vaccinations. The UK is about to release an APP for your phone that will enable you to acknowledge that you are C19 negative or positive and using GPS to alert you whether the person next to you has been tested for C19 and if they tested positive or negative. If you don’t believe me, just google it and take the next 6 days to read all of the information.

Hey, I am trying to be upbeat but it is hard right now, and you all know what I mean. This is not good and even though the light at the end of the tunnel will notify us that we will live on, the fact is that our lives after the curfew is lifted, will be DRAMATICALLY changed and I’m not sure if it’s going to be for the better.

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Ernest Skinner