“You Ever Seen His Resume? Shatner Has Never Passed On Anything”

…are the words from actress/comedian Kate Walsh during a Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. I bring this up as I have recently interviewed Jeff Scott Soto who is the lead singer with the supergroup Sons of Apollo.

Pre-interview, I did some research on Jeff and I had to scold him that I tried to download his Wikipedia but my computer crashed due to its’ magnitude. We both laughed as I told him about the roast joke in regards to William Shatner and that His (Jeffs) resume is a bit longer. CLICK the triangle below for the proof 🤣

Anyway, the vocalist who sang on Yngwie Malmsteen’s’ first two albums, Rising Force and Marching Out is currently touring to support the second album from the above-mentioned band featuring legends Billy Sheehan (Mr Big/David Lee Roth), Bumblefoot, Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian (Dream Theatre).

Aside from singing for Yngwie, Jeff has sung and worked with Journey, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Glass Tiger, Harem Scarem, Lita Ford and literally dozens and dozens more. If your laptop has enough power check out his stats.

The second album from Sons was released recently, hence the name MMXX; it features many great tracks and I asked him about my personal favourite; Desolate July.

“Basically the way it works in Son of Apollo; the band creates the music and I write accordingly. When I heard the intro piano and church bells I knew this was the time. I had always wanted to dedicate a song to my friend David Z that passed away in 2017. The other members of the band were very supportive from the start and  I can’t thank them enough.”

His favourite song on MMXX is New World Today.

” I always wanted to sing a song like that; to me, it’s kind of a story like Bohemian Rhapsody or Rush’s 2112.  I get goosebumps when we play that one.”

In regards to his favourite Canadian singers or bands, he listed many including Rush, Harem Scarem, Glass Tiger etc but if he had to nail it down it would be Loverboy and Bryan Adams.

“Loverboy has always been a favourite of mine; I love Mike Reno’s voice and Bryan Adams is great; especially his songwriting”

I was kind of intrigued with him having credits regarding the above Canadian bands.

“Glass Tiger was a great band and I think I sang backing on almost every song on the Simple Mission album and yeah Harem Scarem, I love those guys.”

In reference to how much impact Jeff has had in the hard rock and classical metal circles, his contributions have been sounded loud and clear. Last year at the Hall of Heavy Metal History, he was inducted. In that speech, a certain gunslinger received a huge thank you in Jeffs intro speech.

“There is this one guy I would really like to thank, this one person looked at me 35 years ago and said I’m going to give this 18-year-old Puerto Rican kid with really shitty hair a chance to front me and take me to the next level of my solo career. This one guy everyone thinks we don’t get along, but, contrary to belief, from this day forward I give nothing but love and respect Yngwie Malmsteen.”

Getting back to the MMXX tour; things, when they resume, will surely keeping selling and selling out. A couple shows a few weeks ago in the bottom pic was the boys getting ready to hit the stage in Germany with two sold-out shows in Karlsruhe.

Jeff Scott Soto bottom right

With the coronavirus still jamming a wrench into the daily lives of millions, it has also managed to affect more than a few entertainers (Sons of Apollo included) who have had to postpone their tours until certainties can be met. If you are overseas and wanted to see one of the guest masters in this supergroup, hold on to your tickets as I am sure the boys will set a new date as soon as they can.

Since the boys have returned to North America to wait things out, this might be your time to check them out as I know these guys don’t like to sit around. Be prepared for some American and hopefully Canadian dates.

Until you have that chance; check out their new album and my favourite track above Desolate July, which includes a few comments by the band.

The album is MMXX; the bottom line is… Get It !!!

Next up; Gil Moore of Triumphs chats Classics re-release and the upcoming initial release of the Triumph Documentary “Lay It On the Line”.
















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