Rock Heavyweights Buckcherry 2 Play Soo Blaster

Yes, it’s true !!  Quite a few of you were privy to the news as it is already on the Buckcherry website and a big circle is around a certain date for us. Technically the venue was not able to release this wonderful news until now.

Josh Todd and Buckcherry will be cruising our way and playing at Soo Blaster on Wednesday, May 13 to support their latest album Warpaint. Great tracks to check out, in my opinion, are Radio Song and The Hunger.  This album is as good, if not better than any BC album in their large catalogue that includes hits Crazy Bi*ch, Lit Up, Everything, and Sorry.

If you were lucky enough to catch them last summer when they played with Pop Evil at Kewadin Casino, you’ll know that they are a  high energy and tight live band. The energy that lead singer Josh Todd exudes on stage is quite surreal and not to be missed.

The Kewadin outdoor event was met with a few thousand in attendance, so with limited space at Soo Blaster, it would be wise to get your tickets well in advance.

Buckcherry was formed in 1995 in Anaheim California and have 8 studio albums to their credit and over 1.5 million records sold worldwide.

Tickets for the event go on sale today at 11 am ; to purchase tickets enquire at , or call (705) 450-0095

Buckcherry/ Warpaint Tour
Soo Blaster Wed, May 13 @ 7pm
$39.99 General Admission
$34.99 Early Bird Special (1st 100)



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