Nuevo Restaurante en Sault Ste. Marie

Don’t look it up as it’s not a word in any language; English or Spanish. I tried and after a few attempts, realized that looking into the company’s’ archives would lead me in the right direction. Sure enough, I learned that the name Qdoba is as much of a word as zelboila. Yup, I made that one up and you will not find it in a Google search, so as for now; it’s untouchable… patent pending😜.

In 1999, the American food chain of fast-casual concept restaurants pulled this name out of a hat and it must be for the quality and exceptional flavours that the concept continues to grow. Qdoba’s already strong menu will now feature Sault Ste Marie as its’ next entre item on its’ Canadian plate.

With Sault Ste. Marie’s increasing diversity in restaurants that include Indian, Thai, Japanese cuisine, etc, adding a Mexican restaurant to the dynamic will only benefit the local dining experience and workforce.

I spoke with one of the owners of the new venture and Eric (McLean) told me the following. The restaurant will have a capacity to hold 36 seated diners and will be open 7 days a week from 11 am until 11 pm. Mexican beer Corona and Modelo will also be available as the restaurant will be licensed.

He tells me that walking into the restaurant, you will notice the Mexican flair immediately as Mexican and Spanish music will be piped in. In addition to the sounds of steaks sizzling on the charbroiler, the smells of the freshly made guacamole will be noticeable. It is interesting to note that Eric tells me that the staff will be slicing and hand smashing avocados daily to make for the guacamole. The address of the restaurant is 747 Great Northern Rd, which is across from the Sault Area Hospital.

The city and the workforce will benefit as they will be looking to hire about 20 front line staff in addition to the cooks and the management team that has already been assembled. When speaking with Eric who was in Grand Rapids for initial training, the time table for the “fast-casual” restaurant grand opening will be mid-March.

I am also told that in addition to the guacamole being made daily by smashing and pitting about 100 avocados per day, the food is fresh with chicken thighs and steak being grilled for your order whether it is for a juicy burrito, taco, quesadilla, or whatever else is on the extensive menu. The new establishment will definitely have a fun Mexican decor with five vibrant colours and extreme energy.

Mas salsa de Mango por favor !!
Ernest Skinner