Aldo Nova Did All That?

Yes, he did and much more; for years now I have been intrigued by the fact that Aldo Caporusicio is not only a hit Canadian musician/songwriter for his band Aldo Nova, but he is also a international hit song writer (Jon Bon Jovi, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Blue Oyster Cult, Clay Aitken).

During a phone call I had with him just after Christmas, I asked Aldo how he came up with Nova as the back part of the name. “…it came from a comic book super hero called Nova. I am a comic book collector and I have maybe about 8,000 comics. Nova had four letters and finished with an A, Aldo started with an A and had four letters and it just fit.”

Before getting into some incredible facts that some of you may not know, I will run down a few of Aldo Novas’ hit songs that we grew up listening to while roller skating at Wheelies/Roller Terrace, at high school dances (St. Mary’s College/Korah), or at house parties when Mike P’s parents were out of town ha ha😜. Wherever you were back in the 80’s you would remember these great songs such as Fantasy, Ball and Chain, Hot Love, Foolin’ Yourself, etc. Aldo Nova aside from the first couple of songs mentioned was one of those bands that wrote many hit songs you recognize but couldn’t put your finger on who sang it. The reason is partly, in my opinion, due to the fact that they were Canadian, and as you know, Canadian bands don’t get as much attention on radio/tv as our American counterparts. The reason simply is that we are inundated with American media: Friday Night Videos, Circus Magazine, MTV, etc.

When I spoke with Aldo we also touched on some things that I was curious about regarding his songwriting history and career. Some of it I already knew and some of it I did not.



For instance, Aldo has many roots in the tree trunk of Celine Dion’s career. Celine Dion became a global superstar as we know and Aldo was there at the very beginning. “I started working with Celine Dion on her very first French album with CBS when she was 13 years old …and that evolved all the way to 2007, and I just kept writing songs for her” Songs Aldo gets credit for include A Song for You, Shadow of Love, A New Day Has Come, etc. To put things in perspective, “A New Day Has Come was probably one of her biggest hits; it was number one in 36 countries” There are too many songs that Aldo wrote or co wrote with Celine to name. Just Google it if you are a Dion fan and you’ll be surprised.

In relation to Bon Jovi and their career; Aldo doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion for the success that brought this band to stardom around the world. As we know, your first album is the biggest and gets you on the radar. Bon Jovi’s self titled debut album was an international hit and Aldo was right there and contributed much; “Jon Bon Jovi, I knew even before he did his first album. He used to sweep floors and make coffee at the Power Station where I was mixing my first album and we got to be friends. I got to play rhythm guitar on Runaway and I also did all the backing vocals on all the songs with Jon and another guy named Doug Katsoras” (on Bon Jovi’s debut album)

In addition to this, according to Aldo, in regards to the Jon Bon Jovi album Blaze of Glory  “…that whole album was arranged by me” Aside from getting credit for playing on the album including guitars, keyboards, tambourine, and piano, Jon Bon Jovi says in the credits, “this album couldn’t have been done without Aldo Nova” Aldo is also the songwriter of the song Mister Big Time which was performed by Jon for the Armageddon movie soundtrack.

If you are a country bumpkin, you’ll probably be surprised to know that this Canadian has also written music for Faith Hill. I Love You was written and produced by Aldo, and the song was also recorded by Celine Dion on her Falling Into You album. “Faith Hill had heard my demo of that song and her manager called me asked me to send her the demo…(that’s how that happened)”

As Aldo says ” I am a Beast at 63″.

Aldo is constantly making music, but since 2008 he has only worked for himself and with himself. There is too much politics and BS in working with others is my take of the reason why gauging by the tone of our conversation. I asked him a few other standard questions and the results were this. In regards to a favorite guitar player or someone underrated these days, he said to keep an eye out for American Josh Smith that is known in music circles as extremely talented and underrated. In regards to what he does for leisure, “I make music and I make it not for the money, but because I love it.”

What is next on Mr. Caporuscio’s agenda? Well Aldo tells me he is touring this summer starting in Vancouver with at least 7 shows already confirmed and more to come. He just recently finished his rock opera The Life and Times of Eddie Gage which will feature 22 brand new songs. Regarding new songs, he says he got some flack last year when he released Aldo Nova 2.0 which featured remastered older songs with only one new track. “…I just had my Rock Opera with 22 new songs mastered by Bob Ludwig …and the complaint I had with 2.0, was that there was only one new song, so …this should shut them up (laughter).”

Aldo’s current band features drummer Billy Carmassi, bassist Timothy Gaines (Stryper), Canadian Mike Bruno on guitars, and Hugo St. Laurent on the keyboards.

Coming up, I will be interviewing former Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett, with interviews that are in planning stage with  Eric Martin, Tom Keifer, and Zakk Wylde.

Ernest Skinner