Make Some Strong Coffee & Get Comfy

In the New Year I will continue to write articles for my columns Rock’N Roll Up North, Greyhounds Barking Up North, and Hockey News North, but I will be also be writing political pieces that are very deep and heavy.

Writing about politics and my opinions will be putting myself in the line of fire from some, but I believe in myself and I am willing to take some respectful criticism from time to time. If you are a strong activist for humanity whether they are Canadian, American, Russian, Bolivian……or Martian, I ask you to follow the new column. I haven’t named it yet, but I can assure you it will be catchy and grab your attention.

I will be writing these pieces based on my own beliefs and interpretations of world events that are currently affecting us directly or indirectly. Now, I could focus on Canadian politics, but to be quite honest, my passion has always been about reading and investigating events relating to countries that are outside of our Canadian borders.

Living here is a blessing and I thank the Canadian men and women that have sacrificed their lives in the past for our freedoms. I also thank the Americans that have lost their lives, and all the countries that have participated in the previous wars including the United Kingdom, Australia, and even the former Soviet Union. Yes, the hated Soviets; they lost many men and women fighting against Hitler and other fascists involved. The German fighters that lost their lives have to also be remembered as I am sure the majority fought for Hitler with heavy hearts but had to choose either execution for treason or desertion, or the possilbilty to one day see their kids, wives/husbands and families again.

There is no ‘Us Good…Them Bad’ rationale in my thought process. We are all human under a divinity we cannot see and deserve the same compassion, respect, and love.

Moving forward, I am an avid reader of world politics and I have been that way for most of my adult life. The common thread that I see is that time after time after time, the clouds opened up and the sun came through in the revelations of past lies regarding world events by governments from every continent.

On top of this the Deep State to our South has time after time referred to every countries leader that they didn’t like as a dictator or running a regime and they needed to “free” the people. The hypocrasy is rampant and is most obvious.

Former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, 1983.

Take Saddam Hussein for example. He certainly was not a good man, but the point is that the White House previously did have a cozy relationship with him when it served their interests, but when they didn’t need him anymore… well, suddenly he became a “dictator”.

The removal of the Iraqi leader would not be a problem if he was either jailed or taken out by people in the Middle East, but the American gov’t decided to “remove him” without one ounce of care and compassion for the people of Iraq. To me, that is evil at its core.

But the real story is that he was removed so the Americans could set up permanent military bases in order to be able to influence events in the Middle East which fits their narrative. The plundering of oil and natural resources is also the real reason that he was hung in an Iraqi jail which we all saw.

As I remembered the hundreds of thousands of people who died for freedom; let’s not feel any less sorrow for the hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq that were caught in the crossfire when their country was invaded for a LIE.

Yes, a lie. The Weapons of Mass Destruction tales that we were fed many years ago has turned up as being a full scale lie. Thanks to Wikileaks and Julian Assange, the evidence is right in front of us, and is all too clear.

I am grateful that we had Jean Chretian in power at that time, and God Bless him for calling BS to the lies that came out of the mouths of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the rest of the gang at that time.

If it wasn’t for this Prime Minister of Canada, your sons, your daughters, your friends in the military may not be alive. I hope that thought gets your attention. If you are not a fan of the Liberal government, it shouldn’t matter as he literally saved Canadian lives on a large scale and didn’t allow us to be scammed into a war that was for greed and profit.

This isn’t the only lie the world has fallen for and it won’t be the last. Scores of humans in the millions have died for hegemony and greed; Guatemala, Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, and Japan are just a few countries that include scores of dead men and women that were killed via False Flags or because their leftist governments would not bow down to Uncle Sam and the corporations that feed its’ war machine.

All arrows involved, pointed to a certain plan that was hatched by some of the most sociopathic people on the planet.

In the coming weeks I will have a three part piece detailing an interview I did over the Christmas break with world reknowned Canadian journalist Eva K Bartlett. We touched mostly on the situation regarding the war in Syria, but we also touched on other topics that include the conflict in the Ukraine, the detention of Julian Assange, and other sins of mankind.

Eva is a journalist who works from the ground and not in an office in Toronto or New York. She has been to Syria on fact finding missions and on the front line no less than 13 times, she has investigated and visited North Korea, lived under gunfire and shelling in Palestine, etc. I am very proud to say that Eva is a Canadian and our interview was conducted while she was at home in Southern Ontario.

I will publish Part One early in the New Year, and when I do, make some strong coffee, get comfortable, and I hope you enjoy the reading what the Western media forgot to tell you.

Happy New Year, and remember… Hindsight is always 20/20.



Ernest Skinner