Greyhounds – On the Outside Looking In

Dec 11, 2019 @ 15:09

Since the Soo Greyhounds decided to ship out goalie Christian Propp and acquire their hopeful saviour Bailey Brkin, poor Ethan Taylor has sat on the bench during most games this year. Coach Dean kept trying to give Christian Propp more slack to get a winning streak going, some momentum, and his confidence back. That obviously didnt work out as you know.
It is no secret that as much as the coaches rarely single out a goalie for a loss, Christian didn’t play well during his time here and needed a change of scenery to get his mojo back. It appears the move has paid off as Christian now sports a winning record with Kingston of 4-2-1 and has dropped a goal off of his GAA, while his save percentage is an impressive .904.
As you all know, Propp struggled immensely and to make the playoffs, GM Kyle Raftis hand was forced and had to bring in another goalie to save the season.
Well, so far Brkin has been the man and has played most games since arriving here in the Great White North. Bailey’s win/loss record is an impressive 7.5 and 3. Basically, the extra point five is because one of the losses on record,  Bailey got the team to overtime before they were defeated. For the techs out there ; Bailey is 7-3-1 with a GAA of 3.30.
Now, it’s not a lack of confidence in young Taylor, but Brkin will be playing most games in the near future  because Coach Dean doesn’t want to deflate the confidence the boys have regained since acquiring Bailey.
Looking at last years stats, Ethan Taylor was an impressive 10-4 with a few of the losses in extra innings. For a rookie, I was impressed. Now, I can’t overlook the obvious that the team was stacked in front of him, but he played well when called upon.
Now this year, the tables have turned and Ethan sports a not very impressive win/loss record of 2-5. Quite a bit of this has to be confidence as I am sure he felt the pressure when called upon with the team consistently losing.
To add to Ethan’s problems, the D in front of him have left him out to dry. For the record, this scenario is the same with former Hound Christian Propp. The difference here is that a 20 year should be able to bail out a team at times and didn’t. Asking a young Ethan Taylor to do the same is a bit different as you can imagine.
Now moving forward, my opinion is that Dean will keep playing Brkin as long as the team is winning. With Barrett not coming back,  as he will be traded before the trade deadline, Coach Dean needs to make up some ground to at the very least make the playoffs. The organization budgets on 68 games and each home playoff game is gravy.
So this is why, Ethan is the odd man out right now with Brkin in the bubble.
Now, things don’t get any better for the goalies on the roster right now, for another reason. In my opinion and the opinion of many others, the Hounds WILL be smiling from ear to ear in the next 4 weeks as Czech goalie Nick Malik is very very very likely to report.
GM Kyle Raftis is in contact with his family and agent on a very regular basis, and if this does come to pass, ANOTHER overage goalie will be on the move and we know who that will be. But for now, we need Bailey to keep steadying this ship that was very fragile for a good length of this season so far.
Coach Dean and the boys kept saying they were a confident bunch, but let’s face it, it was akin to a young boy whistling in the dark.
Moving forward, the Hounds start a three game home stand tonight where they entertain Sudbury, and Owen Sound, and Erie on the weekend.  I wouldn’t be suprised if Bailey plays all the games as Sudbury is a top tier foe and both Erie and Owen Sound are teams we are chasing for that 8th and final playoff spot.
Go Hounds Go
Ernest Skinner

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  1. Good observations. Malik would be a great addition and provide stability.