Hounds Looking To Sweep the Highway

The Soo Greyhounds, who have lost two straight games this past weekend, will look ahead to their past. No, they are not looking back per se, but they will be looking back to the fact that over the past three or four seasons they have been very good and dominant at times in opposing barns. In fact, without fact-checking, I’d say I’m pretty sure they are in the top 3 in the league (winning wise) when sleeping in hotel rooms.
Recapping this past weekend, the Greyhounds played about 4 good periods and that was not enough to win in this league . Incomplete games don’t cut it at this level. As the coaches always lament, “mistakes let us down”.
If you look at puck possession and shots on goal, you’d think the Hounds would of had a better fate, but as one coach would say, we took advantage of some of their miscues, another coach…..in particular John Dean would say that we played good enough to win but our “mistakes” cost us. The Hounds deserved a better fate in both games in my opinion, but hey there will be games where we will be chuckling that we stole a couple points.
In regards to this past Fridays game, I would have to say as a fan (and not the coaches comments) that I thought overage Propp missed a few goals that he should have had. When coach Dean pulled him in favor of second year netminder Ethan Taylor, I thought the young man did a great job settling things down. I know it’s early in the season, but with a 4.64 GAA, Christian knows he needs to play better as he is going to need to steal a couple of games this year for this young group of pups.
Both weekend games saw Jaden Peca, Jaromir Pytlik, and Ryan O’Rourke play as solidly as they have all season. Other notables who played well were young Taylor, Robert Calisti, and I am starting to see that Drew Wawrow is really coming around. I was starting to get worried about him, but I think he’s bought into the system and is making a name for himself.
By the way, it’s only a matter of time before Jaromir hits double digits ; he’s already been credited with 26 shots on goal, just like the 26 on his jersey. He must have read Wayne Gretzky’s quote over the summer ; “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.
Even though, John Dean, wasn’t happy with Ryan O’s outbursts this weekend, I like it.I understand that he needs to control his emotion as he is more valuable on the ice ; but, this is the kind of player we need. We need a kid that is passionate and plays with his heart on his sleeve. Just think of every time the Pilon brothers came to town ; we knew what to expect and when the Hounds come to your barn, you’ll know what to expect. I’m sure his reputation will arrive well before the bus does in Guelph tonight.  When Ryan’s on the ice, the kids are not always looking down at the puck…..they are keeping their heads up and bracing for impact.Keep it up 21.
Anyway, moving onto this weekend, the Hounds play Guelph tonight, Owen Sound Saturday pm, and Monday afternoon they will be in North Bay. I believe the Hounds can take 4, if not 6 of the possible points this weekend. The Hounds have proven to be dangerous on the road and it all started when the organization decided to give the boys a complete nights rest in the foes city before the game. This leads to bonding and more time at the arena. Bus legs, need not be an excuse. All three teams the Hounds will be facing are not sporting any kind of sexy record, and as a matter of fact, at the time of writing, only Owen Sound is playing above 500 during three periods of regulation play.
** Still up in the air is if Czech netminder Nick Malik will take the advice from people who know the quickest route to the NHL and and join the Soo Greyhounds, and also still up in the air and probably will be for at least a few more weeks is if the Coyotes want to burn up a year of Barrett Hayton’s contract and have him sit on the bench for most of the nights he is in the lineup. I believe Barrett is going to be a great player, but jumping from junior to a group of older, stronger, and more mature players is quite the task. Hey, if he does it, it will be good news for the organization and it’s development, but it will be bad news for the Soo fans who would like to see him dominate at least for a few games before a probable trade near the deadline to a contender.**
In any event, follow the Hounds with Gerry Liscumb Jr on Rock 101FM, and if that’s not your forte, catch them on the boob tube.
Go Hounds Go
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