Bumblefoot and Sons of Apollo

Brenda, my Wawa News editor is going to B dis-Grundtled as my interviewee Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal was not only gracious enough to take this interview even though he is currently in Israel, but he also decided to take the time and answer each of my questions individually via audio to authenticate.
Apparently, it’s a royal pain in the ass to insert 11 or 12 separate Mp3 form answers, but she is a trooper and I promise to repay her back with a Wawa News audio plug from Dexter and the Offspring before they play the GFL Memorial Gardens this fall.
Anyway, I am thrilled to announce that one of the best all-around and sought after guitarists in the world, humbled me and accepted my interview request….although Rob Z from the Killer Dwarfs management team stepped up and confirmed I “was a stand-up guy and a great journalist”… Thanks, Rob !!
This interview with Sons of Apollo axe master, and former Guns N Roses gunslinger and fretless wonder came about as I was privy to the fact that Ron was going to be playing a few Canadian dates with Storyteller and special guest Ron ( my man) Graham of the Killer Dwarfs this year. Check out this tune by Sons of Apollo and you’ll know what all the hype is about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-56wzwtTNTs
Always utilize your contacts as I have always done and since helping bring the Dwarfs to the Soo a few months back, I leaned on my Blackbook and it came to fruition… Interject a short story… I asked Ron for an interview last year, but because of this busy schedule, he had to turn me down… fast forward… it’s who you know… right? Don’t give up after one try and keep your ears and eyes open; you never know who will be in a position to give you than helping hand.
Because this piece is going to be a pain in the bum for Brenda, I will keep it brief and get to the Q and audio A’s. Before that, I will give you some of Rons’ history. Ron is a world-class and sought after guitarist who is known for his double-neck guitar with a fretless top neck. Playing a fretless guitar shows the musicianship and expertise as you don’t have the frets to separate the notes; you have to really have a feel for your instrument. Ron has played alongside the best from Axl Rose, Geoff Tate, Russ Graham and hundreds of others.
Bumblefoot is currently in Israel helping out in the studio with an up and coming garage-type band called the Dodies. Aside from being a world-class guitarist, he is also a very good singer and with the answers below, you can certainly tell he has a strong commanding voice. Make sure to get your tickets for this world-class string master when he plays a handful of shows this fall.
Below are the Q’s I asked him, followed by his audio answers. I hope you like.
Q1) Who are your favourite Canadian Guitar players?
Q2) In your proffesional guitar opinion, do you think Ozzy’s career would have been just as successfull if Randy Rhoads           didn’t join the fold with Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman.
Q3) What did Bumblefoot do last night?
Q4) What is your favourite book, and if you are reading currently, what are you reading?
Q5) What is your current mode of transportation and why ?
Q6) What was your last day job before music became your full and only source of income?
Q7) Aside from the current lineup including, Yourself, Mike Portney, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Scott Soto, and Derek Sherinian; are there any guests or suprises on the new upcoming Sons of Apollo album?
Q8) As a guitar player that is sought after worldwide, who in your humble opinion would you consider up and coming and underrated?
Q9) Who are your favourite Canadian bands or musicians?
Q10) Tell us about Russ and your string of Canadian shows coming up?
Q11) How did Ron Thal start out his music career as a young lad?
Q12) What new band has got your attention currently?
** In case you are wondering; Bumblefoot is a bacterial infection that Ron came across while helping his wife study for her veterinary exams*

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