Bazooka Joe to play Kewadin Casino SSM

Yes, it’s true, hall of fame guitar master Rick Nielson and Cheap Trick will lighting the lamps at Kewadin Casino on July 11 and yours’ truly had a chance to chat with him recently.
Since Rick takes on the character of Huntz Hall of the Bowery Boys, with his onstage appearance, I had to google this Huntz feller. Although there is a resemblance, I thought Bazooka Joe was more appropriate and spun my coined phrase of the title and his response was ” I think that’s amazing (laughter) “
Anyway, Cheap Trick is known for such hit songs as I Want You To Want Me, The Flame, The Dream Police, Surrender and many many more.
The band was formed in 1973 and current members include Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, and Ricks’ son Daxx filling out on drums.
Now let’s talk about Rick, who has owned over 2000 instruments including a collection of about 500 guitars. I commented that a friend of mine told me that he brought out a new guitar for almost every song and he confirmed ” yes, that’s true;  nothing new there” I asked him also if he was going to be bringing his signature five-neck guitar and he confirmed ” of course and I will be coming to Soo with a total of 15…..I will be bringing seven Les Paul’s, seven Explorers, and let me see……I’m also bringing a 1962 Dwight Coronet.” I then put the man on the spot to confirm if my math is correct, ; you read it here first……..Trick will be playing at least fifteen songs, Rick Nielsen.
I then proceeded to wrap up the interview as there were some things that we chatted about but can’t be printed  ( nothing serious, LoL). I could also tell that Rick was getting a bit antsy to get to next of many interviews, so I lightened things up and asked him a few simple questions.
What type of car do you drive? “I have driven a Smart car for almost ten years”
What book are you currently reading? “The Bible…, no, umm…..I am currently reading a book on Vintage Guitars that I had to get shipped from Europe”
Who is your favourite Canadian guitar player? “Kim Mitchell……..because he’s as wacky as me”
What is your favourite Canadian band of all time? “I would say Loverboy…..I love the facial expressions that the drummer (Matt Frenette) makes…..almost like Yngwie’s (Malmsteen)”
It’s going to be a great show !!! Although management could not get an audio plug from Rick in time, he did confirm
 “Hey Wawa, the Twin Soo’s, and the UP, we are going to rock Kewadin and play all your favourites on July 11, so get your tickets and keep reading ROCK’N ROLL UP NORTH by Ernest Skinner at”
**Josh Todd of Buckcherry is next on my request list so keep reading and keep rocking!**
Cheap Trick will play at Kewadin DreamMakers Theatre on July 11 at 8 pm, $40 (tickets start at)
Ernest Skinner