Autograph’s Steve Lynch Speaks…

to Wawa. the Canadian Soo and all da Yoopers out there!
Get ready to Turn Up Your Radios……………as Slaughter and Autograph will be taking the stage in St. Ignace, Michigan on Saturday, June 29 at 8 pm with an outdoor show, and during the very popular Car show weekend.
Make sure to get a loan as tickets are outrageously priced at $10 each!!!!!!; sheer greed, (haha)
Both of these rock icons have a slew of hits such as Up All Night, Fly to the Angels, Send her To Me, Turn Up the Radio, any many more. If you grew up reading Circus and Hit Parader magazines, you will know their stuff
I have attended more than a few Slaughter shows and they were always loud and full of energy, and I don’t expect anything less this time, and I cannot wait to see Autograph and Steve pull off one of his highlight reel solos.
A few scheduling situations have prevented me from speaking with Mark (Slaughter) but I am sure I will see him at the upcoming show and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a last minute interview for you in the next few days.
Having said that, I did get a chance to chat with one of the most flashy guitar players off all time; Steve Lynch (Autograph ), If you play lead rock guitar or hung out at the Savoys Bar (Soo, Mi), you will know the band and its’ intro and solo ( via Sam … the owner of the bar who was/is a huge fan of the powerful song…………as millions of us are.
Speaking with Steve, I found out that he was doing the three and four finger technique at the same time Eddy VH was, but it became famous through Eruption.(off VH’s first studio album).
According to SL ” the solo took four 8 hour days to complete…took me a while (laughter). I mean my solos are special to me and sometimes it comes easy, but this one was very special to me and took some time. (laughter).”
Steve gave me some background about the two-handed technique as it was always assumed in the rock circles that EVH was responsible, but the truth is “it was really invented commercially by an Italian guy (Vittorio Comardese-Youtube 1965) in the ’60s and to some extent some jazz players were also doing variations of it in the ’30s”
As a matter of guitar fact, Steve has had many books published regarding soloing and the said technique,…….. before, during and after Eddie really put it on the map.
 A very interesting thing happened when Autograph shared a stage with VH on an early tour I was told; I guess Eddie had instructed his” people” to tell Steve he was not allowed to use the THT on the tour. ” yeah it was the tour manager that came and threatened me basically….he was like you’re Steve Lynch that wrote the book on the THT right ; and I said yes, I wrote a few of them but that one I wrote 1978… (and have tapping been since 71)……and he said, you cannot do that….it;s Eddies thing and if we see you doing it we are gonna drop you from the tour…….so, yeah what r u gonna do”
Sorry for the short article this week, as surgery has left my left hand (pun not intended) in a cast for a few weeks and I managed to “tap” this one out via my right only. If I can do this in under 90 mins, Eddie and Steve may have a run for their money (ha ha)
Anyway, there you have it folks; politics is in every aspect of life…..the fretboard isn’t immune.
With the car show, the big show, and other things going on in the UP during the weekend of the 29th, I’d suggest that you book your room at Kewadin NOW……the property is sure to be sold out………….if not already.
Specifically, regarding the upcoming show at Kewadin, Steve says “get your tickets because it is going to be a rocking show”. 
Next up…..interview with Cheap Trick in the works…details to follow.
Sat June 29  /8 pm
Kewadin/ St.Ignace, Mi
$10 ………..yeah you read that right………..$ Ten Bucks $

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