From the Branch – July 25

So we are now in the middle of our summer and the weather has been HOT. And so are our Legion ladies serving their annual Strawberry tea, we give them a big thank you for all their support.


And another big thank you goes to the Wawa Motor Inn for donating a very nice pool table to the Branch. So if you have some friends over, take them down and shoot a few balls and try out this table.


A contingent of Canadian Armed Forces took part this week in the 4 Day Nijmegen walk where they did 50 Km. A day with full pack. 24 walkers did in 4 days 50,40 or 30 km. A day and there were many blisters to be pricked at the Red Cross station.


We wish everyone in Wawa a very good summer and drink lots of WATER!.


This old Veteran came downstairs in full Camouflage and his wife asked him “What the heck are you doing?”

So he showed her a letter and said: “ My Buddies need me to fight at the Gulf!”

So she read the letter and said: “You crazy fool, you need to use your glasses.”

They just asked you to come and play GOLF at Night!”


To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


Nick Veldt
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