Ladies Golf – August 23

Number of players – 55
1st in 1st  Flight – Suzanne Lacasse, Toni Rutland, Brenda Pelletier – 39
2nd in 1st Flight – Helene Morin, Sue Lord, Nancy Morin – 39
3rd in 1st Flight – Josee Legault, Valerie Levesque, Sonya Gendron – 40
1st in 2nd Flight – Linda Guindon, Joan Jewell, Sandra Case – 44
2nd in 2nd Flight – Erin Andrews, Irene Grusys, Maury O’Neill – 44
3rd in 2nd Flight – Norma Kauk, Shirley Hale, Sue Kirby – 45
1st in 3rd Flight –  Chrystal Morden, Cheri Lowe, Mel Farrington – 50
2nd in 3rd Flight – Nancy Houle, Lorna Chiupka, Cathy Duchesne – 50
3rd in 3rd Flight – Nellie Harvey, Gwynne O’Shaughnessy, Linda Sillanpaa-50
1st in 4th Flight – Beth Vachon, Brenda Tait, Christy Terris – 52
2nd in 4th Flight – Betty Robertson, Doreen Sabourin, Jennie Weatherbee – 52
3rd in 4th Flight – Joanne Beland, Marsha Houde, spare – 53
Special Event Winners
AJ’s Pizza – 3 Cowboy Steaks – Longest Putt Hole #1 – Betty Robertson
Subway-2 Vouchers 6″ Sub – Longest Drive Low Handicap Hole #2 – Suzanne Lacasse
North of 17 – Large Pizza – Longest Putt Hole #2 – Barb. Leschishin
J.Provost Contracting – $15.00 Cash-Closet to Pin Hole #3 – Helene Morin
Michipicoten First Nation-Special Golf Item-Longest Drive High Handicap-Hole #4 – Gwynne O’Shaughnessy
Canadian Tire-$25.00 Gift Card-Longest Putt Hole #4 – Ida Vernier
Wesdome Gold Mines-$15.00 Cash-Closest to Pin 3rd Shot-Hole #5 –  Brenda Pelletier
Wawa Motor-$15.00 Cash-Closest to Pin 3rd Shot-Hole #6 –  Josee Legault
Millette General Contractors-$15.00 Cash-Closet to Pin-Hole #7 – Erin Andrews
Fenlon’s Pharmacy-$15.00 Cash-Longest Putt Hole #8 – Nancy Morin
Wawa Rent All & Repair-Logo Prize-Longest Putt Hole #9 – Carole Moisan
Home Building Centre-$15.00 Voucher-Closest to Pin 3rd Shot Hole #9 – Helene Morin
Other Prizes/Draws
Michipicoten Golf Club-Bucket of Balls-Most Honest Golfers-High Score Any Flight – Aline Haman, Kaireen Morrison
Lise’s Cabinetry/Carpentry-The Groove Tube – Christy Terris
Michipicoten Golf Club-$10.00 Clubhouse Voucher – Marsha Houde
Ladies Night Draw-$15.00 Cash – Marcie DeLaFranier
20 Foot Putt ($210.00)
5 Putters –  Joanne Beland, Chrissy McRae, Linda Sillanpaa, Connie Taylor, Ida Vernier – No Winner
Ladies Closing Tournament will be held on Saturday September 9.  The sign up sheet is available in the Clubhouse and the deadline to sign up and pay is September 4th.
Only two more Ladies Nights until the closing tournament.  Please remember to book your tee time on Friday mornings beginning at 8:00 a.m. by calling 856-7409.
A special thank you to the local businesses who sponsor Ladies Night this year.  We truly appreciate your support!
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