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Espanola OPP Investigate Fatal Ultralight Crash on Raven Lake
Written by Espanola OPP   
Sunday, 31 March 2013 08:42

The Espanola OPP is in the midst of completing its investigation into the death of a McKerrow, Ontario man stemming from an airplane crash involving an ultra-light aircraft which occurred yesterday afternoon on Raven Lake, south of Espanola.

OPP were alerted to the event at approximately 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon by a group of ice fishermen who witnessed the ultra-light aircraft crash onto the surface of Raven Lake.

OPP officers responded to the call for assistance at the remote location.

The body of the ultra-light's pilot, Dan MORRISSETTE, 57, of McKerrow, Ontario, has been recovered by the OPP.

He had been pronounced as deceased by responding emergency medical personnel.

Next of kin notifications have been completed by the OPP.

A post mortem will be scheduled to take place at a Sudbury area hospital.

The local coroner and Transport Canada's Transportation Safety Board have been called in to complete their respective aspects of the investigation.

UPDATE: Members of the Espanola OPP and Transportation Safety Board returned to the scene of yesterday's fatal ultralight crash on Raven Lake. Investigation has revealed that the aircraft suffered a loss of engine power, causing wing stall. This resulted in the Birdman Chinook ultralight going into an uncontrollable nose dive before crashing on the ice of Raven Lake.  


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